Modern Electric Power Systems 2010


Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The MEPS'10 Symposium will take place in Wrocław (Poland) on the main Campus of the Wrocław University of Technology (WUT) - point B. The main Campus of WUT is located in the Wrocław city center. The opening ceremony as well as technical sessions will be held in Congress Center of WUT - point A, which is located in the main building (D-20) of Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Wydział Elektryczny (bulding D-20: Janiszewskiego Street #8, 50-370 Wrocław) - see MEPS'10 related maps, location, etc.

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A-MEPS'10, B-WUT, C-WUT Canteen
MEPS'10 related maps, location, etc.
D-20 Building, maps, etc.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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History and present

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established as an independent unit of the University in 1946 as a result of the division of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Electrotechnology that had been created at the time of the founding of Wroclaw University of Technology in 1945.

Today the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is a modern educational - research unit, one of the eleventh faculties of Wroclaw University of Technology. It has very good equipped laboratories and lecture halls and tends to create an atmosphere conductive to scholarly and scientific research according to the current technical development in the world.

Students of the Faculty have the wide access to the modern computers and microcomputers as well as to the newest electrical and power electronic systems, which have dominated the educational process. Graduates of the Faculty have the possibility to obtain a very good education due to the current modernisation of the didactic process according to the actual trends in electrical engineering. Most of them are recognised as excellent specialists (experts) in various fields of electrical power engineering, in Poland as well as abroad, in many countries of Europe and USA. Some of them held the professorship position not only at Wroclaw University of Technology, but also at other Polish and foreign universities. In the period of 1946-2001 the Faculty of Electrical Engineering graduated about 5.100 M.Sc., 3.800 B.E., 420 Ph.D. and 68 D.Sc. (Habilitation). The Faculty has 141 academic teachers, including 27 professors, 10 associate professors, 86 assistant professors and 18 assistants. The academic teachers of the Faculty are supported by 53 technical and 26 administrative staff.


The teaching and research activities are carried on by three Faculty Institutes:

  • Institute of Electrical Engineering and Technology Fundamentals (I-7),
  • Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (I-8),
  • Institute of Electrical Machines and Drives (I-29).

The Faculty Institutes are subdivided into the research chairs (research teams).

The symposium is organised by the Power System Control and Protection Group, which is a part of the Institute of Electrical Power Engineering. The information on research and didactic achievements and activities of the PSCPG team members can be viewed under the web page:


Technical co-sponsor




The MEPS'10 symposium meetings took place in the Congress Centre of Wroclaw University of Technology.

Wroclaw, Poland

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